Jean’s Beans

Jean's Beans

Watertown, NY
259 Easter Blvd Watertown, NY 13601

In the early 20th century, Jean's Beans was started by a French chef named Jean, who peddled his famous baked beans on the streets of Syracuse, NY. Today, there is just one Jean’s Beans left. It is located at its original location of 259 Eastern Boulevard in Watertown by Neil and Hilda Fullers’ daughter, Jane Fuller-Bowman, her husband Don and their children, Mark and Heather. Jean’s Beans is famous for its fish fry, freshly made salads, rolls, doughnuts and, of course, baked beans. Every item is prepared on the premises and made fresh daily, with no preservatives.

Jean's Beans

359 Eastern Blvd, Watertown, NY, USA

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Jean's Beans
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