Cookie’s Goodies

Cookie's Goodies

Watertown, NY
430 State Street Watertown, NY 13601

Stop in and check out our local foodies of COOKIE’S GOODIES! Cookie’s Goodies offers fresh home made and made from scratch goodies like cookies, brownies, banana, pumpkin or zucchini bread, carrot cake, many kinds of fudge, pies and other pastries to satisfy any type of craving. Pair it with Coffee,  French Vanilla Cappuccino or Hot Cocoa or Mercer’s soft serve or 12 flavors of  hard ice cream and Mercer’s wine ice cream. Our store offers a variety of local products such as Houghton’s Pure Maple Products, Cheffrey’s Pickle Pub, Nav’s Popcorn, Sticky Dicks Honey  Products, Terrell’s Potato Chips, Martin’s Homemade Pretzels,  Morey & Me home style dog treats, Hofmann's Beef Jerky and Hot Sauce, Luff Farms Spices, Cheeky Cakes Sweets, Saranac Handcrafted Soda, O’Brien Family Dairy Cheese Curd, Jess Handmade Crafts, and so much more! COMING SOON: Wraps, mini subs, hot dogs, Italian sausage, panini’s, homemade soups & chili! You can order your favorite goodies anytime, simply call COOKIE'S GOODIES: 315-816-1571.

Cookie's Goodies

420 State Street, Watertown, NY 13601

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Cookie's Goodies
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